Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a college admissions consultant?

In today's highly competitive college application environment, it can be daunting and frustrating to navigate the process successfully. Christine has six years of experience reading thousands of applications at Yale University, and truly understands the subtleties of the admissions process. Thousands of students have excellent academic credentials, but admissions officers are looking for far more. They are looking for students who have followed their passions, explored interests deeply, and in the process have gained a sense of themselves as students and individuals. 

With years of experience at Yale, a PhD in clinical psychology from Columbia University, and a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA, Christine has a unique ability to bring out the best in her students. She encourages them to think deeply about who they are and who they want to become both academically and personally. In the process, she helps students recognize their strengths and weaknesses, develop a coherent narrative, manage expectations, and present themselves as authentic, compelling people to admissions committees. And it works!

When should I start? 

It is never too early to start, and it's also never too late. Understanding strengths and weaknesses, developing interests and passions, gaining greater self-awareness, and receiving encouragement every step of the way is an invaluable experience. While Christine has worked with students as early as middle school, many students will begin in 9th grade. However, each student is unique and while some may want guidance throughout high school, others may only want support and more focused attention as senior year approaches. 

Isn't my school guidance counselor's help enough?

While school guidance counselors are an integral and important part of the process, they generally do not have the time to work in-depth, one-on-one, with every student in a way that a private consultant can. Christine works intensively with each student, and goes over every detail of the process. She is available to answer any question, at any time. And she has the "behind the scenes" knowledge from her years at Yale that many school counselors do not have.

With whom will I work?

Students work exclusively with Christine and each student is treated as a unique individual. This is a very different experience compared to the more "factory" approach of many college consulting companies that have multiple consultants with varying degrees of experience. 

Can I work with Christine if I live in another part of the country or world?

Absolutely! Admissions consulting lends itself to "remote" work, and Christine works with students around the world via phone, Skype, and email. She also works in person with students in the Connecticut/New York/New Jersey area.

Have your students been accepted to top colleges and universities?

Since working as a private college consultant, Christine has helped her students gain acceptances to all of the Ivy League schools, Stanford, Duke, Georgetown, University of Chicago and many more. 

I have special circumstances. Can you help?

Many students have special circumstances when applying to college. These can range from an illness, suspension, multiple school changes, and learning disabilities. Christine has worked with all types of students in all types of situations. She knows when and how to present a student in the best possible light.

I'm hoping to be a recruited athlete. Can you help?

Yes. Christine urges recruited athletes to begin the process early. There are specific nuances involved with NCAA regulations, time tables, college lists, standardized testing schedules, and commitments specific to athletes. Most important, athletes still need to present compelling applications to colleges. Christine is well versed in recruitment details, and can guide athletes through the complexities of the process.

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